Won't you join me for a Ramos Fizz at The Ritz


The bartenders of The Rivoli Bar utilize premium spirits, homemade cordials and bitters, bespoke glassware, hand chipped ice and seemingly boundless imagination to concoct new cocktails or revive old classics. The current stars of the show include a 'Ramos Gin Fizz' served in a golden goose egg; time travelling‘Vintage Cocktails’ created with spirits from the 1940’s to the 1980’s; and the sensational ‘Rum Baroness’ featuring both potable and edible elements swathed in sweet smelling sherry wood smoke! With beautiful Art Deco interiors, a swinging jazz soundtrack, special Champagne of the Month – Champagne de Castelnau, as well as gourmet cuisine ranging from club sandwiches to caviar, The RivoliBar is the perfect destination for hosting lunch or toasting a special occasion.

copied from The Ritz London E-Newsletter
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