Brilliant Fashion Classes at San Diego Community College

Regards all Fashion Students

We have several classes that have openings for students:

Fash 141: Pattern II  Tuesday evenings  This course will allow you to
advance you patternmaking skills to the next level.

Fash 150: Advanced Design: Wednesday evenings - Students in this class will
culminate their skills to build a collection of clothing

Fash 162: Millinery: Blocking - Wednesday, late afternoon, first 8 weeks -
students will create a hat by blocking pattern techniques

Fash 178: Portfolio and Publishing - T Th mornings, This is a required
course for both the Fashion Merchandising Degree/certificates and the
Technology degrees/certificates. It is only offered in Spring semesters.
Students learn how to create fashion published materials using InDesign.
Although it is an Honors course, you can feel free to sign up. We do a few
more projects, which helps you learn the skills to a higher level.

We will be canceling Fash 135 Tailoring and offering it at a future date.
If you know of students interested in any of the classes listed above,
encourage them to sign up.

The schedule can be found at
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