Bill O'Reilly Leads the Republican Party Out of the Dark Ages

Right, bashing Bill almost every day--guilty as charged.

Sometimes he has forward thinking--a certain insight most repubs just don't seem to possess.

Unless, we are talking about someone like Jon Huntsman, that is a different story.

Bill is interested in the survival of the Republican party, his own show and himself.

Let's give him credit for that.

Bill--that is so cool that you are hanging out with our President and Snoop--admire you for that--now, you have Snoop on your show and let him talk--leading the way for repubs to move forward--Bill O'Reilly leads the repub. party out of the dark ages--Bill, really, how cool is that--disagreeing with you on almost everything but admire your foresight and forward thinking--from a lefty--cl at the ronnie republic.

taking a tip from Chris Christie.....

looking for a contributor to my blog....what is the difference between the Tea Party and Christian Conservatives.....disagreements and comments welcome.

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