Bill O'Reilly: Punishing in the name of Jesus

The butler of bilge, Bill O'Reilly, loves to try and hide behind Jesus.  This gets into the religion thing--justifying hate with Jesus and religion.  Jesus might love the people Bill wants to deny and judge.  Jesus may even love Bill and let him be a lesson for all of us.  It's confusing but I wish Bill would not try to talk for Jesus because I love Jesus, too.  Bill is tainting my idea of Jesus.  Personally I love Jesus, all religions, atheists; I really love Ron Reagan and cats, and the United States and President Obama---there. 

Are all Catholic men this punishing?

Bill O’Reilly: Jesus is not ‘down with’ food stamps because most poor people are drug addicts (via Raw Story )
No one knows what Jesus would do to feed today’s poor, hungry Americans — but Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is pretty sure the Christian savior wouldn’t be “down with” giving them food stamps because it’s “their fault.” After Rep. Jim…

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