Narcissist: Mother and the Birthday Party

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Mother often likes to comment.....Don't you remember your birthday party, when you were 8 years old and I had aheart attack?

Apparently, there was a birthday party at the park with other kids and family members, but , unfortunately, like other times, the focus ended up on mother.

I can't help it if I'm sick, mother often boldly states, I don't want to be sick............A fact not to be disputed accompanied by a shouting tone.

This just about covers everything.......mother's stance on everything and her unique ability to've got it.......everything.

By the time mother is finished working her magic no one has any questions--everyone is just left standing with their mouth open--particularly when you are 8 years old.

The Narcissist in action................

one tiny clue.........there is actually not any diagnosis, except from mother, to accompany the 50 years of control following this event.

no, mother is not a physician.

and don't forget.......mother's allergic........I'm allergic, Chloe.

The defining factor--there is never any effort made not to be sick.......mother is not ever trying not to be feet swell--I've got to sit with my feet elevated at all times.   One can't expect mother to pitch in and do the dishes with swollen ankles.

And remember the most important rule of all.......don't ever try to be sick, because mother will be be continued.

(Oh, and the birthday party--that would have been organized by the beloved Grandma.)

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